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My sis-in-law is about as opposite from me as one can be. A party-loving extrovert, she is always going. Me? I am a quiet loving introvert.

So what to do when she visits? Art.....yes, art. Something she hardly ever does. So we made a book of her memories.

And then she out-shines anything I have done so far. Here is the cover to the first book she made:

And my favorite pic from the book.

That's the sis-in-law hanging out under our niece's long hair.

She had so much fun Gelli plate printing, she did 14 more pages which we bound into a second book. Love these the best:

That is the cover and these are some inside pages.

The second book was all done with metallic acrylic paints using the Gelli Plate for printing.

As I said: outshone me!

Thanks, Jan, for a great holiday visit and thanks Cherryl Moote for getting me started on bookmaking.

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I just took a video class on bookmaking and collage from Tangle U.

My first time doing either one.....well, except for a foray into making what are called Bitty BookZ for Zentangle tiles. (But that is another "first tries" story.)


As with all my "first tries" I learned a lot:

  1. I like minimalist. KISS (KIS,sister) principle. Do not overwork the page. (Except when experimenting.)

  2. After you decide on a layout for the page, take a pic because you won't remember where to put what when it comes time to glue on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th pieces--especially if they overlap.

  3. Metallic Panpastels do not blend as well as the regular Panpastels..but the colors are lovely. (Or maybe work with that and see if that is true..... First tries do not make hard and fast rules after all, only opportunities to explore more.)

  4. Explore ways to tie the images together.

  5. The first try is always the "hardest." Remember back to your first try at something you now love doing?

  6. Most of all: Appreciate it. Note what you like--that is how you build your creative repertoire.

So here it is, my first try:

Cover page

Don't worry about "crappy" when you are experimenting or learning anything.

My favorite page--and rule, too. Fodder (that is what you call the collage bits) does not cry--remove it and try something different.

Experiment now, you will use what works later.

Now this page meets the KISS principle!

Let's see--what can I do to fix this one? (No mistakes, only opportunities, remember?) Gesso is your friend. Right over that black design. Then re-paint, re-collage, re-something to bring it back to simplicity.

Definitely "overworked" this page. Luckily I used watercolor and could wipe it away with, yes, plain water.

And onto my next book--this IS addicting.

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  • AE

When I was working--that is, before I retired, all I wanted to do was to create beautiful things. But I had so little time that all I could do was what I knew--beading.

Now I have time to explore.

This is an exploration of Zentangle. Of course my first piece, while satisfying, was.....

Hmmmm, I do not know how to put it.

In Zentangle there are no mistakes. Zentangle* is really a philosophy for life. There is always a way to make it even better than you might have imagined.

So to call my first piece "not that good" would be wrong. It was good, and satisfying, and it was the beginning of a wonder-filled journey from this:

To what you see above.

The journey--that is the real joy of creating.

*Zentangle is a registered trademark.

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